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Imagine your icon as a lingerie model


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Bara bae is like a combination of Pacha and Ralph. Like whut?

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Anonymous said: When Tiana had a fit about being turned into a frog, Naveen offered her one extra hour in the ball pit to make up for the awkward transformation.

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Disney Fakt #182: Not liking Wreck It Ralph is a criminal offense. 

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Last night with bara bae was suuper great. He was like “yeh, I likes u”. I’m done. We decided to hang out more that way we can see if we want to relationship, yes. So we gonna see a movie tonight.

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Omg he asked for my number and asked if I wanted to go for coffee and a movie. Don’t freak don’t freak.

He gonna pick me up tonight at 9

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The owners picked her up. She is home safe. I’m a little sad but also really relieved. 

My mom thought I would be really upset about it because I liked her a lot and so she’s telling me about this shiperke/ lab mix that needs fostering. I’ll take a look at her Friday and see what happens. 

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alright peeps

disneyland must-do’s, GO!

edit: probably just doing disneyland, folks. so no california adventure for me.

If you want to watch fireworks there are 2 locations that are the best (No annoying crowds and great views).

1. Even though Fantasyland is closed you can still get into the Fantasy Faire. Head into the Frontierland gate and make a right as soon as you can. There’s a walkway that will take you around the Royal theater. From here you can see the castle, Tinkerbell and the fireworks overhead. You can even sit usually without people blocking your way. 

2. You see less in this location but also waaaaaay more. Go to It’s A Small World. You won’t be able to see the show (Light show on the castle, or characters if any) But you will get an AMAZING overhead view of the fireworks and the music because they set them off in Toon Town (Which is literally next to small world). The crowds are pretty much sparce and you can even find a nice seat. Better yet you also beat the worst crowd at the park when the show is over. 

If you can get Dole Whip. So tasty so good it is dairy free but it is just as creamy! Get it at the Tiki room in front of the Adventureland gates there are 2 lines, usually the line inside the show’s queue is shorter than the one wrapped around the AL gate. 

If lines separate you into 2 lines take the left. But if you are corralled into a place with no official line take the right.

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make your tumblr the best space for you

you are not on this site to please others or cater to things that upset you

surround yourself only with the things you want to see

your dash should lift your spirits, make you think and smile

if it doesn’t, don’t feel bad about unfollowing or doing whatever you need to do that is right for you

first and foremost, ensure that tumblr is a safe, fun space for you

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New Mickey Short! "Goofy’s Grandma" is by far one my my favorite Mickey shorts. I did a lot of Mickeys in this one with his trademark Aaron Springer chubby cheeks.

holy crap this is my favorite one so far hahaha

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