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Leggy Blonde- Flight of the Conchords 

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spoopyybaka said: dear mr. baxter, i've seen your work from gravity falls and so i looked into this blog! your work is truly inspiring to me. i've wanted to animate 2-D characters my whole life. but sadly, i get really discouraged because whenever i talk about becoming an animator to someone they scoff and say it's a pointless or dying business. is there really any chance someone could get into cool projects like that? could you give me some tips or pointers on how to maybe make that aspiration a reality?


Hi spoopybaka, don’t get discouraged! I actually have to do hand-drawn animation. I can’t help it. It’s just who I am. So, if someone wants to pay me for it, yay! But if not, I’ll do it anyway. It’s my art, and nobody can stop you doing your art! It’s true, hand-drawn is not the default technique for most animation in the US anymore, especially in feature films, but there is still hand-drawn work out there, in commercials and television, and yes, the occasional theatrical project. They are important skills to learn for any animator. Right now I make a living doing CG animation, which is fine, and I definitely recommend acquiring those CG skills as an animator (which is really just learning a couple of software packages) to make you more employable. But character animation is character animation and the list of differences in animation technique between CG and hand-drawn is remarkably small. At the heart of it you are still communicating character and story through sequential pictures. People who scoff don’t know what they’re talking about.

Hand-drawn animation will always be my art. I find the experience of creating it and watching it magical, when compared with a digitally simulated world where there is no surprise that everything moves. But a drawing that springs to life? That’s magic!

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Tomorrow I’ll try the head turn. 

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Trying out the 51 animation exercise thing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to animate and this is pretty much the first time I’ve done it since freshman year in high school. I’ve already done the first 2 with the ball but I figured I’d upload this one. 

If you’re knowledgeable about 2D animation and you have any critiques I will gladly listen. 

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First day of ASL level 3 lets see who my new classmates is. C:

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I wish my selfie skills were top-notch because my hair is bomb today

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someone read me a bedtime story

I don’t know any bedtime stories but here’s one anyway. One time when I was little I wanted to run away from home so I did. My brother wanted to go with me because we were so close. We got everything packed with all my clothes and a few toys. We left out the back door, hopped the fence and wandered. We were kind of lost after that because we had no idea where to go. This lasted for about an hour until I figured “Oh! Let’s go to this person’s house because she knows me and her mom will let us in”. I was very wrong. It was 6 in the morning and when I rang the doorbell and even they were like “Dude, go home. I ain’t getting up for your dumb butt”. So I was like “aight, whutevur”. I pretty much gave up after that. It was short lived and my brother and I got into a fight about the whole running away thing. So I walked back home and waited for him to follow. When I got back my mom hadn’t realized we were gone and thought we were in the yard playing. She was cooking food and asked me where my brother was “I dunno, playing outside”. I didn’t want to get in trouble for running away and leaving my brother. But my soon after he came walking in and tattled on me. “YOU LEFT ME! AND I LOST MY TONKA TRUCK!” 





Needless to say I was in trouble. Not only that, but I didn’t realize I hadn’t closed my “briefcase” all the way and had left a long trail of underwear all over the neighborhood. 

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I’m thinking of having a seperate account for all my random and fandom reblogs and keeping this one as a more my art centered one. I dunno. I’ve been thinking about it a lot just because I don’t want my space to start getting too cluttered. Or I can just go through my stuff and start deleting stuff. 

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swimmingbirdrunningrock said: Oh wow! Thank you, that's really nice of you! I hope you have a splendid and dan-delightful day. Good vibes to you as well! :)


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Two weeks to Otakon.

good god your beard is just getting moar and moar majestic!

Dude you are the most majestic/beastly man I have ever seen.

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