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Guys this no-kill animal shelter in Illinois, USA is going to be shut down unless the raise $5,000 by August 1st which is in 3 days. They have raised $3,320 so far but are still not at their goal. PLEASE donate any amount of money to help keep this no-kill shelter alive. And please reblog this post to spread the word.

Here is a link to where you can donate:


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Anonymous said: Jafar

Wow, I actually like how I’m paired with a villan. 

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Romantic pairings, BROTPs, and platonic ships are all acceptable.

Bonus points if you include a NOTP.

I’m pretty sure ya’ll ship me with Ralph and Kristoff.

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That face your dog makes when he has a happy poop

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We are smart, strong, courageous, generous, loving, our souls burn like wild fire. We are cunning, brave, funny, and ugly. We are all this and more because there is more to all of us than simply beauty.

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Ralph came out good today. We’ll have to see about kristoff

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Puppy is now officially adopted. Turns out I absolutely love him even though I really had no intentions to keep him.

I really think fate might have put us together. You see, when my mom dropped off the golden retriever and the people picked her up she had gone back to see if they had any dogs for me. I kept telling her ” I don’t want one”. She saw a few she really liked and showed my sister one but took none home.

My mom goes to therapy for her arm on the rich peeps island and just down the street there’s a really nice shelter (Where she got her dog). She went in and saw a cute black puppy and wanted me to see it. I went to check it out but the dog had been adopted the day before so I figure “Thank God, that’s the end of it”. Later that day I was with my grandmother for her birthday lunch when the shelter called my mom telling her about how they got another 3 month puppy from other local shelters and wanted us to come in as soon as we could to check them out.

By this time I really didn’t want to see more dogs. We already have 2 and I don’t need one.  But unbeknowest to me she had gone to the shelter and looked at the one they put to the side for her. She brought him home and surprised me with him. The shelter let me keep him a few days to see if he’d get along with Loki and Meeko and he does famously with them. 

The funny part of this story is that he was one of the dogs my mom didn’t realize that he was one of the dogs she had already seen at the shelter with the retriever puppy. It’s funny how puzzle pieces work.

So tl;dr

The retreiver was picked up so we couldn’t adopt an animal who already had a family.

Rarely do we ever step foot in the closer shelter. But my mom visited the newer one and wanted me to see the black dog. 

The black dog I was supposed to see actually got it’s foot stuck the day before and was rushed to emergency where the surgeon fell in love with her and was adopted.

That black dog leaving gave open space for overcrowded shelters. (Falkor)

The woman felt bad that the little black dog was adopted and called my mom about another dog the same age. 

The woman called my mom to see Falkor the same exact dog my mom had seen a few days before and liked at the first shelter with the retriever puppy but had left. 

If he hadn’t been picked up from the overcrowded shelter he was one of the puppies that was scheduled to be euthanized. 

If some of my writing seems off I’m really sorry. It’s super late and I don’t have my glasses even though I should. 

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Wreck it Ralph tyke. #wreckitralph #tykes #illustration #drawing #dailydrawing #dailydoodle #ink #coloredpencil #kids #ralph


Wreck it Ralph tyke. #wreckitralph #tykes #illustration #drawing #dailydrawing #dailydoodle #ink #coloredpencil #kids #ralph

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I’m sorry I haven’t drawn anything new for like a month.  I just haven’t been feelin’ it. 

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Hey ya’ll I won’t be in the convention center but I will be in Downtown San Diego where the con is at. If you wanna meet up let me know and we will set something on the fly. I will be taking small commissions like aceos for $10.00 you can message me here or follow my twitter  https://twitter.com/MischeviousArts